Debt Issuance and Management

Sycamore Advisors helps clients meet their financial goals by providing comprehensive assistance during the transaction and beyond. Since its inception, Sycamore Advisors has served as financial advisor on bond transactions for local governments totaling over $18 Billion, and it has been involved in managing the financing programs for a number of large and small issuers. In addition, Sycamore has advised clients on the development and structuring of over $5 billion in long-term capital plans.

Services Provided:

  • Work with engineering and other consultants to prepare capital plan and cash flow schedules;
  • Identify short and long term financing needs;
  • Evaluate and develop options for revenue streams and rate structures;
  • Analyze proposed financing options and alternate debt structures;
  • Assist with the selection of financing team, including preparation of RFPs;
  • Assist lawyers with the development and review of documents;
  • Recommend an appropriate time to enter the market based on need for funds, interest rate movement, economic trends and volume of new issues coming to market;
  • Consult, coordinate and develop presentation materials for credit rating agencies and investor groups;
  • Assist with negotiation and pricing;
  • Evaluate the reasonableness of the underwriting fee and recommend on the form and terms of the underwriting syndicate and fee for negotiated bond sales;
  • Review and recommend the marketing and sale strategy for all proposed debt issuance;
  • Evaluate and recommend credit enhancement options, including assistance with RFPs for liquidity providers;
  • Evaluate the initial offering scale proposed by the underwriter during pre-pricing, including analysis of re-pricing relative to market conditions and the final structure;
  • Closely monitor relevant rates and indexes;
  • Advise on appropriate terms, structure and conditions of the sale, such as maturity schedule, discount, par, premium, net interest cost and true interest rate;

Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries regarding our services. We look forward to the opportunity to design a custom scope of work depending on your specific needs.